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From a little red silo at Market Station, artisan roasters and long-time Leesburg residents Chau Pham and Paul Modolo are introducing Loudoun County to the flavors and aroma of freshly roasted coffee.  We thoroughly enjoy our role in the local business community.

LoCo Beans’ original business plan involved marketing to local restaurants and coffee shops.  You all collectively sidetracked that plan when the sights, sounds, and aroma of coffee roasting sparked a spontaneous, brisk, walk-up business.  Delayed but undaunted, our coffee is offered by Trinity House Cafe!

Why LoCo Beans?

QUALITY! LoCo Beans produces the finest roasted coffee through careful sourcing, advanced equipment, repeatable processes, and an uncompromising commitment to freshness.

CAREFUL SOURCING! When sourcing “green” beans (that is, unroasted coffee) it’s important to form a working relationship with multiple major importers — specifically, importers with global reach and reputation for meticulous grading and handling.  In this way we reliably select among the very finest coffees from growing regions around the world.

ADVANCED EQUIPMENT! As engineers by education and trade, our quest for the ideal shop roaster became a 6-month study — complete with spreadsheets, evaluation criteria, weighting, and scoring.  Our Diedrich 2.5kg roaster uses an efficient infrared heating system and sensors/controls that enable us to tightly control roasting conditions.  The clincher was a design feature that diverts combustion by-products around the roasting drum (versus through the beans).  We secretly love the roaster color too, but color was not a selection criteria.

REPEATABLE PROCESSES! Through tightly-controlled experiments and ‘cupping’ sessions we create roasting profiles tailored to bring-out the complex flavors and aroma of each unique coffee. Precision roasting against these profiles in small batches (~4.5 lbs) yields consistent, high-quality results you can always count on.

FRESHNESS! There are several components to product freshness — among them are roast date, storage, and grinding.  If you haven’t tasted freshly roasted coffee you’re in for a treat!  We diligently roast coffee several times per week to ensure freshness and meet demand.  (“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night…”)  Our packaging protects your beans from damaging exposure to oxygen, moisture, & light.  If you grind your own beans, please visit our FAQs.

          *** CURRENT OFFERINGS   ***

Tastes are personal and vary widely.  We strive to match that diversity with a range of coffees spanning the globe — selecting the finest green beans and custom-roasting to accentuate each coffee’s natural flavor, from ‘mild & fruity’ through ‘rich & bold’.

Our offerings change but regularly include single-origin coffee from:

  • Brazil (Pra Caramba!)
  • Colombia (Cosecha Traders)
  • Ethiopia (Yirga Cheffe)
  • Ethiopia (Sidamo – DECAF)
  • Kenya (Thangathi)
  • 100% Kona (From the Big Island)
  • Sumatra (Mandheling Tangse Rhino)
  • Vietnam (DaLat Paradise Blend)

Then there are our special blends:

  • House Blend (inspired by Ian!)
  • Kona Blend (20% Kona Coffee)
  • +3dB Blend (Twice as Bold)
  • Masters’ Roast (Dedicated to Ed)
  • Espresso Grande (Says it all)

Finally … are you still using that old mug?  Upgrade today!  We offer a very cool mug with LoCo Beans logo and … well … pictures of us.  There’s a travel mug variant too for when you’re on-the-go!


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  1. This place is Awsome! Beans have fresh oils for the best espresso and Lattes I have made. The people are friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. Really a must visit for anyone who values the freshest beans you can get.

  2. Just had a cup of +3dB and it is smooth and bold. Zero bitterness. In fact I would like to come by this afternoon around 4:30ish to get two more bags for friends. GO LoCo….

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