Can I purchase a gift card?  Yes!  Gift cards for holidays and special occasions are available in any denomination.  Just ask one of our friendly cashiers.

What are you doing in there?  We’re past that for the most part!  To be sure, the little red silo attracts attention, but we’ve become a fixture at Market Station and most folks know what we’re up to in there.

What was that building used for?  We fondly refer to it as a ‘silo’, but we’re pretty sure it was originally a water tank from the steam engine railroad days of yore.

What are your operating hours?  The owner-operators need to reserve a wee bit of time for their full-time jobs.  We’re open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, and Saturday/Sunday afternoons.  If our windows are open we’re there!

Can I order online?  You bet!  Don’t forget our drop-box option for convenient pick-up.

Are you licensed to sell coffee in cups?  I’m afraid not.  If you would like a fresh cup of LoCo Beans coffee, we roast a custom blend for Trinity House Café (‘Heaven Sent’).

What’s “LoCo Beans Around the World”?  We’re collecting photos of LoCo Beans coffee bags at near and far-flung sites around the world.  Take a look at our website and see how far our coffee has traveled.  When packing for your next trip remember to bring a LoCo Beans coffee bag and send us a photo!

What’s with the bean’s moustache?  A tribute to Ed, our friend and roasting mentor.  Ed sported a distinctive moustache; our “Masters’ Roast” (a favorite) was commissioned in his honor.

Should I choose whole or ground?  It’s generally best to grind coffee beans right before brewing (to limit the beans’ exposure to oxygen), but not all grinders are created equal. We gently recommend using a burr grinder for consistent particulate size optimized to your brewing method.

How should I store coffee?  Coffee should remain in a tightly sealed bag and be kept in a cool, dry place — never in a freezer!

I have a Keurig brewing machine. Can I still use your coffee?  Yes!  To brew fresh coffee, get a Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Filter (can be purchased at http://www.keurig.com/accessories/my-k-cup). Check out the Keurig site for more information.

When I use the Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Filter I am not getting a lot of coffee, i.e. I am getting a ‘short cup’. What can I do to fix this?  There are a number of things that can cause this problem, e.g. Your exit needle may be clogged by coffee grounds. Or the brewer may need to be descaled. Or you may need to perform a cleansing brew. As well the coffee should never be filled above the brown band ( ~2.5 tbsps). The Keurig site FAQs address some of these questions and have many good suggestions regarding use of the filter cup.

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      Our sincere apologies. Our web site seems to be behave oddly after a recent update.

      We’re here this weekend with regular hours so please drop by if you can.

      In the mean time, I am working on a new web order site.

      Chau Pham
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  1. I’m trying to ween myself off of sugar in my coffee.
    Which of your blends would your recommend for a sweeter/less bitter taste?

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