CRAZY FRESH Coffee for Loudoun County!

BUSINESS UPDATE:  In conjunction with the end of the Daylight Savings Time late tonight, LocoBeans also is making change to our Sunday hours. Effective immediately tomorrow, our Sunday hours will be from 12-5pm.

We appreciate your confidence, your business and have made some changes to address these challenging times.  Credit card processing is now completely hands-off; only the customer handles their credit card and no signatures are required.  We will, of course, continue to meet strict cleanliness standards during all counter operations.  Our silo dropbox remains a popular and convenient way to order/receive coffee; just order online and we’ll place your coffee in the dropbox for you to pick-up at your convenience.  Finally, we’ve temporarily suspended silo tour groups of greater than ten people.

All in all, our goal remains what it has always been — to conveniently and safely deliver freshly roasted coffee to our customers!

Important note:   For many years we have used Paypal for our Shop Page, whose price have gone up quite a bit. If possible please choose Square for the checkout method (in the Shop Page).

In the case when the primary website is down, our backup Shop site can be found at